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Yashar: A Journal for Torah with Derech Eretz

Yashar was founded in March 2023 out of deep concern for the future of both Israeli society and Judaism. Yashar (honest, sincere, just) strives to establish a unique new platform for an ongoing Jewish-religious discourse fully committed to democracy, human rights, morality, and liberal values. It follows the ideal of Torah with Derech Eretz (Our full manifesto is available here). In addition to publishing Hebrew-language columns, Yashar also welcomes contributions in English so as to provide a broader perspective on the journal readers' interests from a Jewish and universal point of view.

Questions & Answers

Who stands behind Yashar

Yashar is a private initiative by three friends - Itay Marienberg-Milikowsky, Tafat HaCohen-Bick, and Yoel Kretzmer-Raziel.


Is Yashar supported or operated by a political party or organization?



Is the journal financed by anyone?

The founding team edits and produces the journal on a voluntary basis. The journal appreciates donations (used mainly for promotion on social media).

What kinds of materials are published in Yashar?

We publish opinion pieces on recent events and broader issues of democracy, liberalism, and Judaism. In addition, we publish personal columns, outstanding speeches from demonstrations, Divrei Torah, book reviews, and more - anything relating to the current situation directly or indirectly.

I wrote a column and would like to publish it...

Great! To submit a column for publication, send us your piece as a text file, your photo (with credit to the photographer, if necessary), and a brief biography. After we review it we will contact you and, if we find it appropriate, we'll publish it. 

Do only religious people write columns in the journal?

Not at all. It is not the writer's religious identity that determines whether a column will be published on Yashar, but its relevance to the current battle for Torah with Derech Eretz.

What is the journal's worldview? What does 'Torah with Derech Eretz' actually mean?

See our manifesto

I identify with many columns in the journal, but not with all of them...

Wonderful! Neither do the three of us necessarily identify with everything we publish. It’s impossible, we believe, to overstate the importance of placing before our readers a diverse range of opinions, as democratic and traditional Jewish discourse requires. This is all the more true in an age when it is so easy to find oneself talking only to those whose opinions one shares.

If the journal believes in democracy, why doesn't it publish extreme-right content?

Because liberalism is not relativism. The worldview we hold is fundamentally opposed to that of the extreme right. Apart from that, the extreme right has more than enough media platforms. It’s not our mission to provide it with another.

How can I be notified when a new column is added?

For updates on English columns, join our special mailing list. If you are interested in Hebrew columns as well, you can receive a daily update via WhatsApp, or a weekly update via email. Additionally, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

This is the magazine I've been waiting for. What can I do to promote it?

We too :) Please help us disseminate the journal on social media and among your friends and acquaintances, among those who agree with our principles and those who do not .Please let us know if you have other ideas!

Founders and Editors

Dr. Itay Marienberg-Milikowsky

Senior lecturer at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev's Department of Hebrew Literature. Graduate of the Ein-Zurim religious kibbutz yeshiva.

Dr. Tafat HaCohen-Bick


Scholar of modern Hebrew literature, specializing in secularism, theology, and poetics. A visiting scholar at New York University and CUNY Graduate School. 

Dr. Yoel Kretzmer-Raziel

Educator and lecturer at Achva Academic College, CET - The Center for Educational Technology,

and Midreshet Roni.

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